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We believe that the distributorship can suit both companies and individuals.

If you feel that you are suited to this form of business, we ask that you forward full particulars of your company or yourself, and include:

  • Full company or individual details, and geographic area to be covered.
  • Detailed information on capabilities and products if any, currently being marketed.

Your details should be sent to:

Want to be a distributor?

Lou’s Savory Sauces LLC is keen to develop a worldwide distributor network, and is seriously seeking National and International Distributors to market our Hott Pepper Sauce and other products as they are introduced.

We would expect, that the appointed Distributor to be given sole geographic marketing rights, and if necessary they would set up sub-distributors within their geographic area.

The distributor will be required to promote Lou’s Savory Sauces products by visitation and marketing to potential buyers in the restaurant and supermarket industry and develop avenues through which our products effectively reach the end consumer.

Having achieved a sale you would be expected to become fully involved with the account providing consistent follow-up offering a high level of reliable service. Through our mutual cooperation, we will ensure product availability to satisfy consumer demand on an ongoing basis.

Seeking Distributors