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We are dedicated to creating healthy tasty sauces and seasonings that excite and satisfy the ever-changing pallet of today’s consumers. We are driven to provide real alternatives that deliver a gourmet experience which enhances the flavor of foods. From our initial offering of HOTT PEPPER SAUCE to the many sensational creations that follow; we will maintain our focus to represent our motto “Bringing Your Taste Buds to Life”. Achieving this while finding ways to help our fellowmen in the process is how we will measure our success.

It's the gift that keeps on giving all year long.

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How it all started

My relationship with hot peppers started at the tender age of 5 years old. Exploring our backyard garden at home in my native island Trinidad & Tobago, I discovered these wonderfully colorful ornaments adorning a tree directly in my path. The curiosity of a typical child that age led me to an encounter that I now credit for my lifelong affair with hot peppers. As my mother reports; neither was I supposed to be in the garden nor should I have sampled my discovery with my hands, mouth and eyes. Needless to say, even my neighbors were alerted by my cries and eventually contributed to the relief with unusual home remedies that clearly worked.

Whatever was done stopped the burning but obviously left me with a longing for hot spicy flavor. For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with and constant need for pepper sauce  in its many varieties with whatever I ate.

For some reason, many mainstream hot sauces have been acidic colored liquids with more salt or vinegar than flavor offering nothing more than just the burn.   That fueled me to create and offer an alternative which captures the delightful sensations derived from combining simple natural ingredients in the best proportion with the flavorful Scotch Bonnet Pepper.

That lead to the birth of Lou’s Hott Pepper Sauce giving you a healthy combination condiment bursting with flavor to enhance almost anything edible.  So enjoy with your favorite meal or make something boring come to life and remember the extra “T” in Hott stands for tasty.